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Welcome to Forest Ridge

Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

~ Neighborhood News ~
Forest Ridge Annual Meeting 2016
Posted on Oct 9th, 2016
The 2016 Annual Meeting of the Forest Ridge Property Owners Association was held on Saturday October 8, 2016. A copy of the slides is available under the "Minutes" tab to your left.
Internet at Forest Ridge
Posted on Nov 27th, 2013

Effective Immediately

Great News! Time Warner Internet is now available to all owners at Forest Ridge.
Last month, at the annual meeting, an overwhelming majority voted in favor of adding internet to our cable TV package. The amendment to our agreement with Time Warner has been signed and TW has now completed all the necessary work as of (11/22/13). Every unit in Forest Ridge now can receive the internet via Time Warner cable at no charge to the individual.
The Details:
If you are a current TW internet subscriber: There is nothing that you need to do. TW will adjust your invoice to eliminate any charges for internet from this point forward. Note, this applies to the TW “standard” service level. If you are currently paying for increased speed you will then pay only the price differential, for example the “Turbo” level would be $10/mo and the “Extreme” level would be $20/mo.
Please monitor your bills for the next couple of months to insure that the change was properly made.
Note, if you feel that your equipment needs to be updated you should be able to exchange it at either of the offices listed below. (The current equipment is an integrated wireless modem and router)
If you currently do not currently receive TW internet: You will need to get a TW “wireless” modem from TW (this is a no charge item per our contract). The self-install kit including the modem is available from either the Plymouth or Littleton offices listed below. (Note:you can also call and request a kit be mailed to you. This method works sometimes but often the operator does not understand "bulk residential contracts" such as ours.)
If you need increased speed you will then pay only the price differential, for example the “Turbo” level would be $10/mo and the “Extreme” level would be $20/mo and you will be billed individually.
Time Warner contacts:
Phone: 1-800-833-2253
Plymouth Office:
12 Yeaton Rd, Plymouth, NH 03264
Located off Rt 25 a short distance past Walmart on the left
    Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:00pm
    Sat 9:00am-1:00pm
Littleton Office:
380 Union St, Littleton, NH 03561
Route 93 to exit 41, right on Cottage (Rt 10) then right on Union (Rt 116)
    Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:00pm
    Sat 9:00am-1:00pm
Posted on Feb 4th, 2013
This past weekend we had a near accident. An owner walking his dog had to dive for the ditch because of a speeding car on Woodland Loop.
There is a lot of pedestrian traffic at Forest Ridge, owners, guests, kids and dogs out enjoying the property. With the winters early darkness and the road edge snow banks extra caution is needed when driving on the property.
Please remind your guests/renters that the speed limit is 20 MPH on the property and to use extra caution as we want everyone to be able to enjoy our property.
Cable TV Improvements at Forest Ridge
Posted on Feb 3rd, 2013
Good News! Update from the FRPOA annual meeting. We have now completed negotiations with our cable supplier, Time Warner Cable (TWC) for significant service improvements and a cost reduction to our cable TV service at Forest Ridge. The changes are now fully in place and available to all Forest Ridge units/homes. Thank-you to Harry Schofield for all his efforts with this negotiation.

Previously, our bulk service included the “basic” and “classic” channels, primarily channels 1 – 75, with all other service available on an individual basis.

Now our bulk service includes “basic”, “classic”, “digital tier” and “Showtime” as well as most HD channels and digital music (over 300 channels). To receive the new channels requires a digital or HD cable box from Time Warner for each television where you desire the added channels (not required to receive “basic” & “classic”). The cost of the box is $8.71/month including tax. TWC equipment link If you already subscribe to some of these services you will see a reduction in your bill for the services now included in our bulk package.

If you do not have an individual TWC account and want to get a box(es) you will need to create a personal account at TWC for your Forest Ridge address. (See contacting TWC below)

Note: the Showtime channels must be activated on a unit basis. Because of some content, TWC does not turn on Premium services until requested by the owner. Call 1-800-833-2253 with your unit address to request that Showtime be activated for your address.

Full channel listing here.
Contacting Time Warner Cable
FRPOA Support of the Lincoln Food Pantry
Posted on Oct 8th, 2009
A group from our Forest Woods Association lead by Marcia Mantell has been exploring ways that the community could help give back in the Lincoln area. They have determined that there is a local food pantry, and in talking to the woman who runs it, turns out, that Lincoln is in serious need of food - - in anticipation of the slow-down that occurs after the fall tourists and before the mountain opens. (Also, happens in the spring.).
The Forest Woods Association had a successful initial collection at their annual meeting this past Saturday. Many of the FW owners made contributions to the first food collection for the panty. In fact, one of the owners hosted a dinner party a week or two ago, and instead of people bringing a hostess gift, she asked that they each bring a bag of food for the pantry collection! That was a flash of brilliance and the results were terrific!
We would like to expand this effort to the entire Forest Ridge community and make this an ongoing effort at Forest Ridge. To that end, an initial collection is planned at our annual meeting this Saturday.
We will also be establishing a drop off location at the Sports Club, the local need is ongoing and we are told that the there has never been a time when the pantry was fully stocked; never a time when there has been too much food.
For a flyer containing further details click here.

ATVs and Snowmobiles Prohibited in Forest Ridge
Posted on Apr 2nd, 2009
Please be aware that the use of all terrain vehicles and snowmobiles is prohibited within Forest Ridge by the Master Declaration for the Forest Ridge Community. Unit owners are responsible for ensuring that their guests (including renters) comply with this and other rules within Forest Ridge. Please be sure that your guests and renters are aware of this restriction. Should an owner or their guests or renters violate this prohibition, the owner may be subject to fines and suspension of Sports Club privileges. Junior Associations may have similar restrictions. In addition to Forest Ridge rules, New Hampshire law also regulates use of all terrain vehicles and snowmobiles. Please read NH State Motor Vehicle statute 259:126 in addition to the 2009 New Hampshire Off Highway Recreational Vehicle Laws Digest, both of which are available at the Lincoln Police Department.
New Community Website
Posted on Sep 22nd, 2008
Welcome to the launch of our new community website. We hope you find it useful and informative, additional content will be continually added so check back often.

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~ Guest Info ~
Forest Ridge Shuttle Bus
The Shuttle Bus service has ended for the season. It will resume mid-December 2017. Thanks to Herb for another great season.
Our realtime GPS tracking to locate the bus in will be active in December. Follow its' track to see when it will be at your location. The track updates every 10 seconds when the bus is on the move. The view can be toggled between "road map" and "aerial" using the map control tab.
The link works on smartphones, tablets and computers. For convenience, once you have opened the link you may want to create a short cut on your home screen for quick access.
The Forest Ridge the bus operates on weekends from 12/10/16 thru 3/19/17; 7:30am - 5:00pm.
Holiday service 12/26/16 to 12/30/16; 1/16/17; and 2/20/17 to 2/24/17; 7:30am - 5:00pm.
The dropoff points will be Governor's Lodge and Octagon.
The route in Forest Ridge is:
- Forest Ridge Drive
- right on Pinehill Lane
- right on Spruce Drive and around the cul-de-sac
- left back on Pinehill
- right back on Forest Ridge Drive
- left on Woodland Loop
- right on White Oak Lane and around loop at end
- right back on Woodland Loop to Forest Gardens loop at Gazebo
- back out Woodland Loop (passing Woodsview)
- right on Forest Ridge Drive (passing other end of Woodsview)
- right on Forest Drive around loop at end
- right on Forest Ridge Drive heading to Loon dropoffs
Approximate cycle time 30 to 35 minutes with about 30 minutes downtime mid-day for the driver's lunch break.
Enjoy the ride.
Sports Club Pools/Spa
        Fall/Winter Operating Hours
Monday thru Thursday   9:00 AM     7:00 PM
Friday                              9:00 AM     9:00 PM
Saturday                         8:00 AM     9:00 PM
Sunday                            8:00 AM     7:00 PM
Sports Club
Outdoor Pool
Our fabulous outdoor pool is now closed for the winter. See you on Memorial Day 2017.

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