Forest Ridge
Sports Club
The Sports Club is a private facility maintained for the use and enjoyment of the Forest Ridge Community. It is located at 174 Forest Ridge Drive, and open to owners in good standing, their guests and renters. 
Keycards are needed to access the building and pool area.
The Sports Club does not provide towels. We no longer provide soap/shampoo in the showers. 
The Sports Club and grounds consist of the Sports Club building, the tennis/pickleball courts, the outdoor pool deck, a picnic area and small playground. 
Inside the Sports Club itself is a lobby area, indoor pool area and hot tub, locker rooms, steam rooms, game area, exercise room, and reading room. The indoor facilities are open year-round, and the outdoor facilities are open seasonally (closed winters). 
The Sports Club phone number is (603) 745-6237. Email is
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