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FRPOA 2012 Annual Meeting
Posted on Oct 15th, 2012

The associations within Forest Ridge held their annual meetings in October. The Forest Ridge Property Owners Association meeting was held on Saturday Oct. 6. Harry Schofield presented an update of the past years’ continued progress. (slides available here). The highlights included: An expanded conference room with a pool and ping pong table; mail delivery to Forest Ridge including mailboxes; completion of the pump station upgrade; and improved entrance and sports club shrubs and flower beds continue to highlight the quality and care philosophy of Forest Ridge. The 2012 financials were presented the financials showing us in good shape as the 2012 spending is in line with the budget. Several programs previously instituted are paying dividends with lower operating costs including the compactor, sports club lighting, and the salt/chlorine generators.  Additionally, the propane price was locked at $1.92/gal a substantial decrease over last years $2.217. Thanks to all who attended. Have a great ski season, and see you at the pool next summer.