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Spectrum Cable TV Service going all digital 10/9
Posted on Oct 2nd, 2018

October 2, 2018

To: All Forest Ridge Property Owners


Subject: Spectrum Cable TV Service going all digital 10/9


Good Afternoon,


By now you should have received a letter from Spectrum regarding your cable tv service. (a copy is attached here for reference)


Effective October 9th Spectrum is converting to all digital in our area. Here is a summary of how it affects us.


*** Overall any tv connected to the cable must have a “digital receiver” (typically a “cable box”). Any tv connected directly to the cable Will Not receive any programming beginning October 9th . ***


  1. Per our “bulk” contract with Spectrum each owner is already allowed one (1) Spectrum HD cable box at no cost.
  2. Per the second paragraph of the letter each owner will be allowed one (1) additional Spectrum HD cable box at no cost for a period of one year. (after the one year period a monthly fee of $12 will apply.)
  3. Every additional Spectrum HD cable box will be charged to you at $12/month


Alternatives to paying for a $12 box:


  1. If you are renting an Spectrum HD DVR to record your shows this functions as “digital receiver” and since you are paying for it, it does not count as your “free” box (see item 1)
  2. Since you already have internet access via our “bulk” contract and a no charge wireless modem, you can use alternate “digital receivers” and stream all channels to the connected tv (s) using the Spectrum app.

Alternate “digital receivers” include a Roku box, a Roku TV, Xbox, and several others listed on the Spectrum website and log in to “My Account”


In Summary, any tv that already has a “cable box”, DVR, or other “digital receiver” connecting it to the cable is all set. Any tv currently connected directly to the cable will need some form of “digital receiver” as outlined above.


Hope this helps to clarify the coming change.


Dave Larsen

Business Manager

Forest Ridge Property Owners Assn

174 Forest Ridge Drive, Suite 101

Lincoln, NH 03251