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Posted on Oct 25th, 2020

2020-2021 Winter Shuttle Bus Service
Dear Forest Ridge: 
We hope you are as excited as we are about another great winter season at Loon. Of course, this winter will look different than any other in our history. We have been hard at work making sure that we can give our guests the best possible experience this coming winter. At the top of that list is keeping the health and safety of everyone here at the resort as our number one priority. 
It is with that in mind, that we will see several changes to our shuttle bus service operation. It is our goal to provide shuttle bus service that complies with current federal, state, and local guidance. Keeping in mind that this guidance may change over time, the following changes will be implemented this coming winter: 
Not all shuttle service routes will be running this coming winter. With decreased capacities on our busses, we will need to decrease the amount of routes we operate to focus on our highest volume users. If you are receiving this letter, you are being offered shuttle bus service this winter. 
In some locations, we will be adding busses and routes to accommodate for decreased capacities per bus. For example, an association that may have only had one (1) bus servicing it in years past, may now have two (2) or more this coming season. 
Bus stops will be decreased, in an effort to maximize the efficiency of the bus route and minimize the amount of time guests are on the bus. Each route will have fewer bus stops than previous years. Loon will ONLY be picking up and dropping guests off at the specified bus stops. No exceptions. 
Facial coverings will be required for all guests, at all times. No exceptions! Face coverings are at the heart of our efforts to keep our employees and guests safe and healthy. Anyone without a facial covering will NOT be allowed to board our busses. 
Loon will only be offering Saturday, Sunday, and Holiday shuttle service. There will be NO midweek bus service during the February break vacation period. 
Although bags will be allowed on busses, they will not be allowed in our lodges this winter so we are strongly encouraging people to leave them at home. 
Busses will be cleaned frequently and that cleaning may impact bus route turnaround times. Lunch breaks may also be extended to allow for mid-day cleaning efforts. 
These are just some of the changes we need to make to keep the busses rolling this winter. We hope we are able to make positive changes as the impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic subside. Our goal is to get back to operating like normal, but not until we can do so safely. 
I know this will likely be a big disruption from your routine, but we must all stay vigilant when it comes to the health and wellbeing of our community, guests, and employees. We believe this is the best decision for everyone's safety.