Loon Ski Bus Winter 2020/2021
2020-2021 Winter Shuttle Bus Service
To any owners or renters who have been wondering "do you have any news about Loon Mountain winter season?" the answer is "yes, but..." We did get news that Forest Ridge is going to be one of the routes for the Shuttle Bus for the 2020/2021 season. Please see the letter posted under Neighborhood News for details on how this year will be a little different than usual due to COVID-19. This letter provides some basic answers to a lot of questions regarding the upcoming ski season and Shuttle Bus service. Please be sure to also keep an eye on Loon's website, as any changes to schedules and updates on operations are updated frequently. All of the most up-to-date information is best found at Loon's website, at www.loonmtn.com. This includes all updates on changes planned for the ski season, and how their resort plans to keep everyone skiing, boarding, and enjoying the winter season safely. 
Update on the Pool and new Sports Club Hours!
Good News!
The indoor pool and exercise room at the Sports Club opened effective September 10th. 
·       Due to the changing season, our new hours are 9am to 7pm daily.
·       Reservations are still required to use the facilities. Please click here to book!  Reservations are available the day before you want to use the facilities.
·        If you need to cancel a booking, please do so online, or call us at (603) 745-6237.
·       Bookings MUST be made online at the booking page. No phone-in or stand-by reservations are available.
·       Pool sessions are now ONE HOUR long. Please book only one session a day, for up to 6 at a time.
·       The maximum allowed in the indoor pool area is now 20.
Please do not move the pool furniture.
·       The maximum allowed in the Exercise area is 6. Please book only one session a day.
·       Sessions for the exercise area are 45 minutes long. No one under 14 is allowed in the Exercise area.
·       Face masks are required when entering the building and in the lobby. Anyone without a mask will be asked not to enter until they have a mask.
·       At this time the locker rooms and tv/game room will remain closed until further notice. The lobby restroom will be open.
·       The hot tub is closed until further notice.
·       No towels are provided. Please bring your own, and come dressed to swim or work out.
As always, the rules for using the Sports Club must be followed. This includes no food or drink EXCEPT for water bottles in the indoor pool area. Parental supervision is required for those under 14.
July 26, 2020
Announcement!!! New Sports Club and Community Services Manager
FRPOA’s managers and Board have long recognized the need to expand and broaden our Sports Club management to meet the increasing and ever changing needs of our Community and unit owners. Finding the right person to lead this effort has been difficult given the tight labor market in the Lincoln area. Therefore, we are happy to report success in that regard. Christine McLaughlin will be joining Forest Ridge on August 10, 2020 as Sports Club and Community Services Manager. Christine is a Lincoln resident and has been performing similar duties at the Loon Mountain Club. Christine will report to Dave Larsen our Business manager, with all sports club staff reporting to her. We look forward to Christine undertaking all aspects of Sports Club management and becoming the central point of communication with our members regarding Community events, news, notices and direct communication with our members. We hope and expect this change will expand and improve the services offered to all members and their guests by expanding Sports Club functionality to truly become our community hub. 
To assist Chris DeLosa with shift duties during transition given Terry’s departure, Alex Grove was added to the sports club staff yesterday and will remain with us through the summer.
Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.


Forest Ridge is conveniently located in Lincoln, NH with easy access to Interstate 93 (exit 32) and the scenic Kancamagus Hwy (rt 112). The town features local shopping, restaurants, and is located adjacent to the White Mountain National Forest with four season recreational opportunities including hiking, biking and skiing at Loon Mountain or Cannon Mountain.

The pristine curb appeal of the entire property has made this a community of long standing residents, and an ideal community for first time home buyers or empty nester's.

This site was conceived as a homeowner resource. Check it often for the most up to date information about activities, events and sports club schedules. This site provides access to Association(s) related information and is a convenient means for homeowners to communicate with the Board(s) of Directors.

Your Board of Directors anticipates this site will serve our members well by:
• Keeping Homeowners informed concerning activities of the Association(s).
• Improving communications between homeowners and their Board(s).
• Fostering a better understanding of the Board’s work.
• Facilitating the implementation of Association(s) policies.
• Providing convenient homeowner access to Rules, Policies and Procedures.
• Improving and standardizing the implementation of the Rules and Policies.
• Providing for future expansion of the site without costly redesign.

Neighborhood News
Loon Shuttle Service News
Posted on Oct 25th, 2020
2020-2021 Winter Shuttle Bus Service
Dear Forest Ridge: 
We hope you are as excited as we are about another great winter season at Loon. Of course, this winter will look different than any other in our history. We have been hard at work making sure that we can give our guests the best possible experience this coming winter. At the top of that list is keeping the health and safety of everyone here at the resort as our number one priority. 
It is with that in mind, that we will see several changes to our shuttle bus service operation. It is our goal to provide shuttle bus service that complies with current federal, state, and local guidance. Keeping in mind that this guidance may change over time, the following changes will be implemented this coming winter: 
Not all shuttle service routes will be running this coming winter. With decreased capacities on our busses, we will need to decrease the amount of routes we operate to focus on our highest volume users. If you are receiving this letter, you are being offered shuttle bus service this winter. 
In some locations, we will be adding busses and routes to accommodate for decreased capacities per bus. For example, an association that may have only had one (1) bus servicing it in years past, may now have two (2) or more this coming season. 
Bus stops will be decreased, in an effort to maximize the efficiency of the bus route and minimize the amount of time guests are on the bus. Each route will have fewer bus stops than previous years. Loon will ONLY be picking up and dropping guests off at the specified bus stops. No exceptions. 
Facial coverings will be required for all guests, at all times. No exceptions! Face coverings are at the heart of our efforts to keep our employees and guests safe and healthy. Anyone without a facial covering will NOT be allowed to board our busses. 
Loon will only be offering Saturday, Sunday, and Holiday shuttle service. There will be NO midweek bus service during the February break vacation period. 
Although bags will be allowed on busses, they will not be allowed in our lodges this winter so we are strongly encouraging people to leave them at home. 
Busses will be cleaned frequently and that cleaning may impact bus route turnaround times. Lunch breaks may also be extended to allow for mid-day cleaning efforts. 
These are just some of the changes we need to make to keep the busses rolling this winter. We hope we are able to make positive changes as the impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic subside. Our goal is to get back to operating like normal, but not until we can do so safely. 
I know this will likely be a big disruption from your routine, but we must all stay vigilant when it comes to the health and wellbeing of our community, guests, and employees. We believe this is the best decision for everyone's safety.
Please be careful!
Posted on Feb 4th, 2013
There is a lot of pedestrian traffic at Forest Ridge, with owners, guests, kids and dogs out enjoying the property.  In the fall, early darkness requires extra caution when driving on the property.  We have had a number of near misses when cars traveling at an excessive rate of speed come upon a walker, runner or bicyclist.  While pedestrians and bicyclists should take care, it is the responsibility of each driver to take all steps necessary to avoid accidents.  Pay attention to the road and pedestrians and bicyclists and travel at a reasonable speed.
Please remind your guests/renters that the speed limit is 20 MPH on the property and to use extra caution as we want everyone to be able to enjoy our property.
Internet and Cable TV at Forest Ridge
Posted on Feb 3rd, 2013
Spectrum (formerly Time Warner) Internet and Cable TV is now available to all owners at Forest Ridge as part of the services supplied by FRPOA at no additional cost.  All Forest Ridge Owners receive “Extreme Internet” service.  Our cable TV bulk service includes “basic”, “classic”, “digital tier” and “Showtime,” as well as most HD channels and digital music (over 300 channels).
Our contract provides a single digital or HD cable box.  Additional boxes may be obtained from Spectrum for a monthly fee.
Note: The Showtime and "The Movie Channel" channels must be activated on a unit basis. Because of some content, Spectrum does not turn on Premium services until requested by the unit owner. Call l channel listing here.
While there is no additional cost for internet and cable television, you do need to establish a Spectrum subscriber account.  If you are a current Spectrum subscriber and already have the required equipment, there is nothing that you need to do.  Note, if you feel that your equipment needs to be updated or replaced you should be able to exchange it at the offices listed below.  (The current equipment is either a simple cable modem or an integrated wireless modem and router).
If you currently do not receive Spectrum internet, you will need to get a cable modem from Spectrum (this is a no charge item per our contract).  The self-install kit including the modem is available from the offices listed below.  You can also call and request a kit be mailed to you.  This method works sometimes but often the operator does not understand "bulk residential contracts" such as ours.
Contacting Spectrum
ATVs and Snowmobiles Prohibited in Forest Ridge
Posted on Apr 2nd, 2009
Please be aware that the use of all terrain vehicles and snowmobiles is prohibited within Forest Ridge by the Master Declaration for the Forest Ridge Community. Unit owners are responsible for ensuring that their guests (including renters) comply with this and other rules within Forest Ridge. Please be sure that your guests and renters are aware of this restriction. Should an owner or their guests or renters violate this prohibition, the owner may be subject to fines and suspension of Sports Club privileges. Junior Associations may have similar restrictions. In addition to Forest Ridge rules, New Hampshire law also regulates use of all terrain vehicles and snowmobiles. Please read NH State Motor Vehicle statute 259:126 in addition to the 2009 New Hampshire Off Highway Recreational Vehicle Laws Digest, both of which are available at the Lincoln Police Department.
Guest Info
Sports Club Hours Fall 2020
Daily 9am to 7pm
Please be aware that the pool closes at 6:45pm
An access card is required to enter. This should be provided by unit owners for any renters. 
Due to COVID-19, the Sports Club has some restrictions in place:
-The Spa/hot tub and locker rooms are closed 
-Reservations are needed to use the Pool and Exercise Room. See the Home Page for the link to our booking site!
-Face coverings are required in the building.
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